Our clients expect exceptional results from us, and we constantly strive to exceed their expectations. Below are just some examples of the feedback we have received from our clients.

“I really felt that X4 had listened to the business. Timeliness was always good. Approach was right, and professionalism, never an issue, consummate professionals. Leadership and challenge was a key aspect of my satisfaction. I felt that where push back was needed it was done with the right amount of respect for other peoples thoughts. Stakeholder engagement was spot on. Quality was first class from my perspective.”

Ian Craigie, PHARMAC

“Special thanks to the team! We really appreciated the way you worked with us and we are really pleased about the finished product.”

Ria Earp, CEO, Marry Potter Hospice

“This training has reinforced again the caring, practical, honest and smart approach you take when working with your clients. You listened to our needs and our frustrations, and have helped us to transform this into a strategy and work plan that will greatly benefit us. I have so much respect for you and always find your advice to be trust-worthy, well-informed and achievable. It was a great privilege to attend training customised specifically to us – the content was informative, challenging and comprehensive. Money VERY well spent!"

Knowledge and Information Services Team Leader, Harrison Grierson

“I, and the rest of the management team, have been very impressed with the approach, skill and final output of the QA. I’ve enjoyed the engagement process and think there has been some real positive benefit from the exercise, certainly not just a ‘tick the box’ for the board.”

Cliff Hastings, GM Business Applications, FishServe

“We really appreciate your effort and commitment to this project. Your guidance has been integral to the project's success so far.”

Simon Challies, Managing Director, Ryman Healthcare