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Case Study: IT Service Excellence


Our client, a major organisation in the New Zealand energy sector, runs its IT operations with many of the key elements outsourced to a number of external vendors. Over the last few months it had become apparent that the level of service and responsiveness of its IT capability is sub-optimal in a number of areas. Following an IT review, the organisation commissioned X4 Consulting to programme manage their transition to a single IT support vendor as well as the migration of their email into the cloud.


The aims of this programme were to:

  • increase IT alignment with the business;

  • provide a better quality of IT service to the business;

  • provide a flexible and scalable set of solution components which could support the business as it grows and changes;

  • improve the resilience and reliability of the organisation's IT systems;

  • deliver a more standardised end-user computing experience;

  • provide an IT infrastructure which supports user mobility and working from outside the office

Our Role

X4 consulting was engaged to plan and manage the transition.


This included:

  • Running the RFP process to identify and contract the new support vendor;

  • Management and delivery of the following projects;

  • Email migration to Office365;

  • Data Centre setup and migration of the client's existing services to the new platform;

  • End User Computing refresh and replacement;

  • Management of the service transition and implementation.

Benefits and Outcomes

The work was completed to the agreed timeframes and budget. Subsequently, there has been a significant improvement in the quality of IT support at a cost level comparable to that prior to the transformation. In addition, greater standardisation of the client's end-user computing environment has increased reliability for users and allowed for more effective management of devices.