We are continuing to support our clients as our teams are mobile-ready and virtual-enabled. This means we are 100% operational and are ready to support you.

Supporting the front line

We’ve provided some free advice to medical facilities on how to set up Zoom for Health Care.


This has enabled them to provide virtual consultations between medical workers and patients.

How prepared are you for remote working?

We can guide you through an assessment so that you can fully understand what you are doing well, what can improve, and what might be the best improvements to make first.

Click here for more information on our remote working readiness assessment.

Supporting your projects

We can provide people and resources to support continuity of your projects.

Getting the most out of Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams can easily be adopted by organisations to assist with remote working. It is vital that Teams is set up and maintained in a way that supports your business while safeguarding against improper use.


Our consultants can guide you in implementing Teams to deliver the benefits whilst reducing your risk.

Staying in Touch with Zoom

With the current lockdowns relating to COVID-19 it is even more important that people working in the front line and those in isolation are able to interact with others via virtual means.


For some people that will be a new experience.

We’ve created a one-page user guide for people using Zoom which some of our clients have found useful in getting people up and running.