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Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture aligns people, services and technology with the business goals of an organisation. Ensuring alignment between an organisation’s business imperatives and the under-pinning IT capabilities is a constant challenge in today’s fast-moving business world. Enterprise Architecture, the process of articulating the business context and designing the IT capabilities to support it, is an essential discipline to ensure the optimal interaction between people, process, information and technology.

  • IT unable to match the speed of business change.

  • Desired Business change negated due to IT using its “technology veto”.

  • IT unaware of the business’ imperatives and priorities.

  • Maximising the benefit of automation and reuse of technology components.

  • Optimising the use of technology in an increasingly mobile world.

  • Prioritising IT resources across business demands and technology upkeep.

  • IT being seen as an enabler to the business rather than a handbrake.

  • Missed business or organisational improvement opportunities.

  • IT focussed on hardware and software maintenance rather than business requirements and enablement.

  • IT plans and roadmaps not aligned with business strategy.

  • Stifled growth due to incompatible technologies and conflicting processes.

  • Increasing IT maintenance burden as the number of systems and services proliferate.

Our clients
At X4 our Enterprise Architecture practice creates business and IT alignment by adopting a business driven, top-down, approach. We seek to understand the business vision, strategy and goals of an organisation, and create a business architecture which highlights and articulates both the requirements and future capabilities needed to optimise business success.
X4's Enterprise Architects:
  • Work closely with IT and business leaders to fill the gaps and identify the bottlenecks that prevent effective use of IT.

  • Articulate Enterprise Architecture strategies, and roadmaps.

  • Provide independent advice and direction after thorough evaluation of existing architectural artefacts, technology solutions, and IT processes.

  • Provide technical leadership to large and complex projects.

  • Provide thought leadership based on our experience and market trends.

  • Implement effective governance structures to maintain overall alignment within the organisation.

X4 has a number of standard Enterprise Architecture service offerings from which to choose.


Whether you opt for one of these or are seeking something more unique, we will use our extensive experience to tailor a service that meets your specific business needs.

  • IT Strategy & ISSP Development – Our consultants understand the complex challenges that business and technology leaders face. Defining a clear vision and strategy creates a map for an organisation’s journey.


  • Enterprise Architecture – Building on an IT strategy, a full Enterprise Architecture describes a business in terms of models, standards, principles, policies, and procedures that reflect the business context, the information needs, the application systems, the technical architecture and infrastructure that represent an organisation. The models and roadmaps we define through this process represent the blueprint used to lead the organisation to its future state.

  • Solution Architecture – Every problem can be solved by a clearly defined solution. Solution architecture defines how a system or process should be built to solve a specific problem, in the context of an organisation’s technology standards, principles, preferences and constraints.

  • IT Reviews – Every organisation is challenged by an ever-increasing work-load and demand for new solutions. Yet internal time to assess and improve is a commodity in short supply. We have standard approaches and models for conducting targeted or comprehensive IT assessments. The ensuing report provides clients with a clear and easily understandable appraisal of their current state, together with a set of categorised and prioritised recommendations.


  • IT Service Management – Whether IT services are provided in-house or are outsourced, the need for effective IT service management is an essential ingredient of any IT department. Our ITIL trained staff specialise in IT service management processes, procedures and organisational structures with a view to enabling organisations to achieve appropriate and cost-effective service delivery.


  • System Evaluation & Selection – Our technology agnostic consultants can work with you to gather and collate requirements, identify technology options and evaluate solutions. We leverage our extensive digital experience to help you identify the best decision for your organisation based on your strategic requirements.