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Change Management

X4 uses structured and effective change management approaches to help our clients successfully address their unique change challenges.
X4's Change Managers:

X4 assists our clients in navigating the change landscape. Our consultants provide expertise to:

  • Make the case for change including business cases and presentations to executives

  • Scope the change required.  This can include heat maps to demonstrate what change is needed where and developing strategic plans for communications and training

  • Helping you prepare for change by assessing job impacts, training requirements and working with change champions

  • Implementing change through clear communications, training delivery and ongoing measuring of acceptance.

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Some of the ways in which we help our clients are:
  • Working with leaders to create vision, mission, strategy and focussed delivery programmes, we take formulation of strategic objectives and transformation delivery ideas off the flipchart and implement them to realise tangible benefits. We do this by ensuring objectives are tightly linked to business outcomes, diagnosing the organisation’s ability to deliver against expectations, and by building capabilities. At X4 we change organisational behaviours for the better, forever.


  • We turn managers into transformation change leaders and recognise the unique role played by managers in acting as models for, and catalysts of, change. We promote leadership by developing the skills, approaches and mind-set pivotal to building organisation-wide commitment and producing success.

  • Developing organisational capability - Our bespoke training and development interventions complement pre-existing HR development activities and engage the ‘whole team’ to build the skill base, cohesion and aspirational alignment which is at the heart of transformation.


  • Transforming the culture of the organisation - More than redesigning structures, process and systems, continuous improvement is about changing group and individual behaviours. By addressing the culture and capabilities as well as individual and team interactions, a truly motivated and focussed organisation is created that demonstrates behaviours that will carry on serving clients

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