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Enterprise Architecture & IT Strategy

At X4 our Enterprise Architecture practice creates business and IT alignment by adopting a business-driven, top-down, approach.
X4's Enterprise Architects:

Our highly skilled team works closely with business and IT leaders to:

  • Develop enterprise architecture artefacts, solution architectures, strategies, and roadmaps

  • Provide technical leadership to large and complex projects

  • Assess existing architecture artefacts, technology solutions, and IT processes for independent advice and direction

  • Provide thought leadership based on our experience and market trends

  • Implement effective governance structures to maintain alignment within the organisation.

Enterprise Architecture and IT Strategy.
Some of the ways in which we help our clients are:
  • Digital Transformation – At X4 we understand the opportunities available to businesses that can harness technology to help them transform their business. Our architects will work with you to develop a clear vision and strategy with an underpinning roadmap for your organisation’s journey.


  • Enterprise Architecture – Our architects work with our clients to ensure that IT projects remain aligned to the overall roadmap. We are experienced in working with agile teams and effectively managing agile projects.

  • IT Reviews – Every organisation is challenged by an ever-increasing work-load and demand for new solutions. Yet internal time to assess and improve is a commodity in short supply. We have standard approaches and models for conducting targeted or comprehensive IT assessments. The ensuing report provides clients with a clear and easily understandable appraisal of their current state, together with a set of categorised and prioritised recommendations.

  • Solution Architecture – Solution’s work better when they are designed. Our solution architects define how systems or processes should be built to deliver the desired outcome. We do this within the context of an organisation’s technology standards, principles, preferences and constraints.


  • Solution Evaluation & Selection – Our technology-agnostic consultants can work with you to identify technology options, assess their fit to your needs and provide the information you need to select the right solution.

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