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Information Management Training

X4 Consulting is experienced in delivering a wide range of IM training. Our training covers all aspects of information management and is delivered through a wide range of channels, depending on the client’s needs. 
CM Training for IM Professionals:

Aim at helping information professionals understand the key Change Management concepts and tools at their disposal for the successful delivery of information projects. 

Team Collaboration with Data and Information Management Professionals:

X4 Consulting can help you and your team ensure a shared understanding and appreciation of the data and information management roles in your organisation.

Privacy Training for your sector

X4 can conducted interactive training sessions with all staff, providing a “safe” environment for discussing privacy practices. In previous course X4 has assisted organisations with:

Some of the ways in which we help our clients are:

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Case Studies related to some of the bespoke IM training X4 has provided

·        CRIMs 2019 Case study

·        ECan Case Study – Data & info Mgmt

·        Nursing Council Case Study – IM Training

·        High performing Teams – (link to PDF)

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