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Our Agri-Business experience continues to grow

With several successful projects completed and more in progress, X4 Consulting’s experience in the Agri sector continues to grow.

Previous clients have included Bostock New Zealand, PGG Wrightson, Gentech Seeds (Australia) and Pioneer Brand - GTL (NZ).

How we help:

It starts when a business identifies the need to review its technology to ensure alignment with their business strategy. X4 Consulting provides support to the executive team in the development of an Information Service Strategic Plan (ISSP) and Technology Roadmap. This enables them to determine appropriate technology changes, a logical order and the priority. X4 can also assist the delivery of some of these initiatives or projects with Business Analysis (BA) and Project Management (PM) resources.

Why CFO’s and Exec teams call on us:

Our ISSP and Technology Roadmap aligns and supports, and most importantly enables the 3-5 year business strategy.

This empowering tool assists the executive team in focusing their efforts and investment over the immediate to mid-term, with a view on the long term.

What we do:

  • We use a top-down business-led approach in developing the ISSP and roadmap. Our experienced team seeks to understand the business, then apply a catalogue of tried and trusted models. These allow us to quickly focus in on what the unique elements of your environment is, your key drivers and what creates your competitive advantage.

  • Our project management capability brings rigour to your projects through setting up appropriate governance structures, aligning stakeholders and business expectations, project planning, risk identification & mitigation and client-specific project controls based on best practices. We help you keep your business and your implementation partners on track and in budget.

  • Our BA team will work with you to understand the impact of change, define the business requirements to measure the quality and success of project outcomes and help translate business needs into technical requirements.

Some other examples of our work:

  • Support Clients through the IT procurement process (small and large projects)

  • Business requirements and RFP preparation

  • Solution/Vendor selection

  • Project planning

  • Digital transformation

  • Change management

  • QA for mid & large programmes of work

How can we help you

get set up for future success?

Let’s talk:

Or call us: +64 27 2646 135

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