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X4 Consulting now offers services directly to Government agencies via Marketplace.

X4 Consulting is proud to have been selected for Pae Hokohoko | Marketplace. This means X4 can now offer 11 of our services directly to Government agencies via Marketplace.

What is Marketplace:

X4 Consulting is on Marketplace
X4 Consulting's services available via Marketplace

“Marketplace facilitates the New Zealand government's procurement process by linking businesses that offer services and sell products with government agencies that wish to buy them. Government agencies browse relevant catalogues when they want to buy specific products or services.”

Service Offerings

X4 Consulting has been selected to provide service offerings in 11 categories. These are within the Consultancy and Professional Services Channel, under the Data and Information Services Catalogue.

The 11categories in which we offer services via Marketplace are:

  • Change Management Services

  • Data and Information Management

  • Data Architecture

  • Data Engineering

  • Data Management Training Services

  • Data Migration Services

  • Data Strategy

  • IM Training Services

  • Information Architecture

  • Information Management Strategy

  • CS Project Management Services

If you want to know more about our Marketplace offerings please get in touch, or if you are already signed up with Marketplace, you can find our services via the portal.


X4 Consulting also has a wide range of other service offerings that you can view here.

Contact us to discuss your needs:

Or call on: +64 27 2646 135

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