We focus on our clients’ results.

We work closely with our clients, understanding that ultimately our own success is directly and inextricably linked to our clients’ success. 

We value lasting client relationships.

We are proud of the large number of clients repeatedly entrusting us with their business.​

We are honest and straightforward, visionary and pragmatic, and committed to delivering results…

and above all,​ we listen to our clients.​

Service Offerings

Information Service Strategic Plan

Does our IT strategy support and enable our business strategy?

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What we offer:

  • A view on how your IT systems and solutions support your business aims.

  • An assessment of where the gaps and opportunities lay.

  • Clear programme plan and project briefs to improve your IT/business alignment.

Client-side Project Management

How do we ensure our projects are managed well and provide value?

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What we offer:

  • Experienced and professional project managers to help de-risk your project.

  • Independent project management that aligns to your organisation’s priorities and keeps both your team and your implementation provider accountable for their delivery budget and timelines.

Security & Privacy Assessments

Are we sure this software won't compromise our security?

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What we offer:

  • Security Risk Assessments (incl. Cloud).

  • Privacy Assessments.

  • Identifying risks associated with custom built & 3rd party software solutions.

  • Practical guidance to address those risks.

Backfilling Roles

How do I fill temporary staffing gaps at short notice?

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What we offer:

  • Short term contracts for highly skilled staff on flexible working relationships.

  • We cover all areas including roles like CIO/CTO, IT Managers, Architects, Project Managers / BA resources, PMO, Change and Communications, HR, Procurement.

Digital Transformation

How do we de-risk our Digital Transformation journey?

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What we offer:

  • We help you think through what your digital business looks like.

  • We help you shape the plan that will make your transformation happen.

  • We provide the skills and experience to help you deliver against the plan.

Data Asset Management

Do we know what data assets we have and are we managing them effectively?

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What we offer:

  • An inventory of your data holdings, including contents, location and use.

  • Analysis and advice on how you can gain maximum value from your data assets.

  • Assessment of Data Governance practices, including policies and tools and skills needed to manage your data.

Quality Assurance services

How do I get independent advice to ensure our project is on track?

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What we offer:

  • High Level Project Plan and Work Effort estimates.

  • Resourcing reviews to ensure the right skills are in place.

  • Progress against Plan.

  • Ensuring all risks and dependencies are identified and addressed.

Compliance & Enforcement and Regulatory Regimes

How do we know we are operating as an effective and efficient Regulator?

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What we offer:

  • A tailored view of what being a Regulator means for your organisation.

  • Establishing or strengthening your Regulatory Regime.

  • A roadmap for Regulatory Stewardship: an approach to regulatory design, implementation, monitoring and review.


Is our business making the right technical decisions. Are we setting up for IT success?

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What we offer:

  • IT Architecture advice and support for your business as required.

  • Virtual CIO/CTO.

  • Review, QA and troubleshooting for your projects.

  • Vendor and software assessments.

  • RFP creation and assessment.

Remote Working Capability Assessment

How effective is our remote working capability?

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What we offer:

  • A fixed-price engagement to review your readiness across 8 dimensions.

  • A risk based assessment of your required improvements and possible enhancements.

  • Confidence in your next steps to achieve secure and efficient remote working.

Making the most of Microsoft Teams

Do we have good team collaboration and information management practises?

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What we offer:

  • Recommendations on the structure and configuration of Microsoft Teams.

  • Ways to improve collaborative working among your team.

  • Information Governance for teams, including roles and responsibilities, archiving and security.

IT Strategic Advisory

How do we ensure that we are making the right decisions on our technology?

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What we offer:

  • We can help you select technology solutions to support your business

  • We can help you make the most of your existing and future technology investments

  • We can help improve the performance of your technology suppliers.

High Performing Teams

What does operating as a high performing team look like in my organisation?

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What we offer:

  • A half day workshop developing ‘What does good look like’ for your team and where you are now.

  • Confirming the key themes and what the next steps are.

  • A roadmap of initiatives to enable your high performing team.

Change Management Planning and Delivery

How do we ensure people across my organisation understand what is changing and buy in to new ways of working?

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What we offer:

  • A Strategic Framework for Managing Change for your project or wider organisation.

  • A Communications Plan.

  • Training planning and delivery, including online working.

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